WHY DOES VIDEO CONTENT MATTER? So, we talk a lot about video production and storytelling in a commercial environment. But why does any of it matter? Marketers often cite video as their most valuable tool to drive performance in key areas of business and it’s more important than ever not to underestimate the potential power of video in any marketing strategy. As we travel further into 2018, it’s clear to see looking at some simple statistics that video content really does matter. Engaging story led content what we are all about and [...]

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OUR HOME Despite working nationally and internationally, we based Know Media where we were born and raised in Lincolnshire. Here we have been fortunate enough to meet so many amazing clients and tell their stories. From the rolling hills in the Lincolnshire Wolds to the industrial Humber Estuary, Lincolnshire is as successfully industrious as it is agricultural and most importantly of all; the people here have real heart. Lincolnshire’s successful industry has also helped us to shape and develop our portfolio, particularly in the commercial, documentary, food and education sectors. Being [...]

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MORE THAN JUST VIDEO PRODUCTION Established in Lincolnshire in 2012, Know Media was created because of a long-term passion for video production. Before Know Media in those early days filming our friends skating and riding their bikes, we caught the bug for producing video content because of its capability to tell compelling stories and make people really feel something. Filmmaking is our skillset, one that we have naturally developed out of pride and passion but surprisingly actual video production only takes a relatively small percentage of our time. We only pick the [...]

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