With one consistent in-house video production team we are all full time and we all love what we do. Quality is at the heart of our ethos.

Many companies say they are like a family, but we truly are. Know Media is a creatively-led video production agency established in 2012 by two cousins, Luke Drewery and Peter Hewes. We have a background working for the likes of Channel 4 and Pinewood Studios, but our story didn’t start there.

Our passion stems from much simpler times when we used to go out and make films of our friends skating and riding their bikes. This passion grew into our career and we truly care about every piece of work we produce, something that we feel is reflected in the end product.

We pride ourselves on nurturing local talent and helping people integrate into the industry we know and love. This is why we regularly provide internships and work experience opportunities across the whole of Lincolnshire. We believe in investing time into the next generation of aspiring filmmakers.