Project Description


Client:  Café Indiependent

Café INDIEpendent is a coffee and music house – but, underpinning that, they are an employability project for disadvantaged young people. So, by day they’re like any other High Street coffee house, except they’ve got morals. They have created a trendy space that not only serves as a café, but as a venue for music, art and a whole manner of purposes.

Our regular work with local community projects was noticed by the cafes project coordinator David, and he got in touch to discuss how a film might help promote the café, particularly on social media. We had complete creative free reign and we knew that we wanted to create something that is in line with their informal and approachable atmosphere, so we built our video brief around this.

We spent multiple days at the café filming, capturing the atmosphere as it unfolded. Visitors, music, the little details that make the café special; this is what we were focusing on. The result is a film a refreshing flavour of a very forward thinking and inclusive project. The film was shared on social media and received a lot of success through consistent engagement.

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