Project Description


Client: Fire Sign

We were approached by Oak Owl Records with a video concept for Fire_Sign’s track ‘Essential’. Fire_sign’s music is … a beautiful reaction to the confusing world around them, patient and slow-building, panoramic in scope, intricate in detail, an offer of shelter from the cold outside.

The concept was about human relationships, fragility and ultimately about the balance of power. We wanted to create a really earthy, gritty feel to the visuals and we had the perfect location in mind. We wanted the utmost flexibility in post-production so we hired a Red Epic with a set of cinema prime lenses to shoot on. This allowed us to shoot the whole project in 4K but still capture everything at a high frame rate (slow motion).

We felt it was important that the action happened slowly to compliment the feel of the song and to ensure the visuals match Sarah’s warm voice and the beautiful deep textures of the instrumental. As well as high resolution and high framerates, the Red camera helped us to achieve the beautiful contrast between the muted earthy backdrop, the rich skintones and the vibrance of the powder paint.

Working with the producer of Oak Owl Records and the creator of the original concept, we worked tirelessly in the edit suite to create the mood we were yearning for. The result is a video that really captures the spirit of Fire_Sign as an artist and successfully gives an insight into the meaning behind the song. The video is being used on their website and across their social media platforms and created a lot of interesting discussion that ultimately created new followers for Fire_Sign.

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