Project Description


Client: Havelok Seafood

Havelok Seafoods have developed a pioneering new product that allows fish to be cooked in batter straight from frozen. BATTER ME UP® enables customers to improve product quality, simplify their operation and avoid increasing their price to their customers.

Developed by Grimsby based experts Havelok, BATTER ME UP® is such a game changer that it has been awarded the first new UK patent (number GB2518466) on seafood manufacture in over 20 years.

Havelok approach us wanting to produce a simple video that demonstrates what the product does and the process of using it. We developed a concept that was cleverly simplistic and on trend with all overhead view style content that us being shared on social media at the moment, particularly Instagram.

We produced some simple graphics to compliment the visual information in the video and licenced some uplifting music to fit BATTER ME UPS’ informal branding. The video was used on their homepage and across social media platforms to successfully generate awareness of the product after its official launch.

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