Project Description


Client: 20-21 Visual Arts Centre

Jessica Voorsanger is a multimedia artist who explores popular culture, in particular ‘celebrity’, through obsession, fans and media representation; using a range of media, including painting, photography, performance and film.

As part of Connect10, a national scheme to position leading artists in public venues across the UK for Museums at Night, artist Jessica Voorsanger created The Final Frontier, a unique one-night-only art event featuring Sci-fi Karaoke, Trouble with Tribbles, Men in Black Parade and much more.

The event was held at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, so naturally when Jessica mentioned she wanted film coverage of the event, the team at the centre got in touch with us. She wanted to commission two films. The first being a film of the entire event including both the Men in Black Parade through the high street and the event itself, and a second film of just the Parade in its entirety.

This was a fairly difficult project as the logistics of covering a live action event on the move through a busy high street can be complex. We had to utilise multiple camera operators (one with a Steadicam) to get dynamic coverage of the action. Similarly, the event following the parade had a lot of activities happening simultaneously so along with Jessica’s interview and other pre-planned elements everything needed to be covered adequately.

Once we had captured the footage, we pieced it all together in post-production along with some VFX as requested by Jessica. These involved fairly complex work in Adobe After Effects. The resulting films were a success and were used both in the gallery and online by Jessica, Connect10, Culture 24 and other parties for promotional purposes as well as a tool to secure funding for future events.


“20-21 Visual Arts Centre has never hesitated in recommending KNOW Media’s work to others. The gallery has commissioned them several times to make artist profiles, document our Museums at Night ‘happenings’ and even to collaborate with leading artists to create new work. The quality of their videos and attention to detail speaks for itself. Pete and Luke are full of innovative ideas, they know how to tell a captivating story and always make their subjects feel at ease, resulting in great interviews and footage. The team at KNOW Media are never phased by a challenge, whether it be to digitally recreate an obscure, experimental mode of filmmaking from the 1960s or to capture the essence of an event. Even though they work internationally, they are passionate about the local area. Through their work they have clearly shown many of the great things North Lincolnshire has to offer ” – Michelle Lally –2021 Visual Arts Centre

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