Project Description


Client: LIVES First Responders

From – “In a medical emergency, every minute counts in getting that vital first medical support to the patient as quickly as possible. Those first golden minutes can make all the difference to a patient’s life. That’s why our 700+ volunteers give up their spare time to respond to 999 medical emergencies, in their communities, right across greater Lincolnshire. Our responders’ actions save lives; they get there fast to deliver that vital immediate care to their neighbours in those critical first moments before handing over to the ambulance service.

We believe in being there for the people of Lincolnshire in time of greatest need; delivering immediate high quality care regardless of the location or time of day. Our responders were there for 21,550 people each year across the county, that’s 60 people a day.”

Our team had the priviledge of working with the incrediblely hard working staff and volunteers at LIVES to put together this film to showcase all of the fantastic work that the charity does in Lincolnshire. From pre-production through to delivery, we knew this film had to be as emotive as possible to truly reflect the importance of the work that LIVES has done and continues to do in their local community.

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