Project Description


Client: 20-21 Visual Arts Centre

In September 2016 Luke Jerram visited North Lincolnshire Museum and selected 5 small artefacts that he and the curator felt represented the region. The objects spanned a period from ancient through to modern times. Each object was then 3D scanned, 3D printed in wax and then cast in 18ct gold. The gold replicas, each worth at least £2500 were hidden across Scunthorpe and the region for the public to find and keep.

Clues to the whereabouts of the 5 gold artworks have were woven into the visual content of 5 paintings for exhibition in 20-21 Visual Arts Centre from 18th February –  29th April 2017. Luke worked with a code breaker from an unnamed government agency to set the visual clues within each painting.

The paintings in the exhibition ranged in difficulty. One painting was so easy to solve even a child could have worked out the location of the golden artefact. Whilst other codes were harder to crack. One puzzle painting is so difficult to decode that it still hasn’t been solved. As a legacy for the project, this painting will remain on display in the North Lincolnshire Museum for the public to solve one day.

Early on in the project, Luke got in touch with us regarding documenting the process. He wanted one film featuring him discussing the project overall, a second film to show the gold casting process and a third film of the finished gold objects displayed in all their glory. The films were to be used to support the exhibition and also build excitement for the opening across multiple TV and online platforms. We were very excited to be a part of such a high-profile project with national TV coverage.

We started by visiting a top-secret location in Melton Mowbray to film the fascinating gold casting process and from there on out the rest of the filming was local. Luke worked with us in post-production to curate and compile footage for TV as well as produce the final three films. As well as extensive use on national TV, once completed the films were used in the exhibition and across all of Luke’s social media platforms to promote interest and build excitement for the exhibition launch.


“20-21 Visual Arts Centre has never hesitated in recommending KNOW Media’s work to others. The gallery has commissioned them several times to make artist profiles, document our Museums at Night ‘happenings’ and even to collaborate with leading artists to create new work. The quality of their videos and attention to detail speaks for itself. Pete and Luke are full of innovative ideas, they know how to tell a captivating story and always make their subjects feel at ease, resulting in great interviews and footage. The team at KNOW Media are never phased by a challenge, whether it be to digitally recreate an obscure, experimental mode of filmmaking from the 1960s or to capture the essence of an event. Even though they work internationally, they are passionate about the local area. Through their work they have clearly shown many of the great things North Lincolnshire has to offer” – Michelle Lally, 2021 Visual Arts Centre

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