Project Description


Client: Phillips 66

We produced this film for Phillips 66 to showcase the fantastic investment they place in the community around them. From supporting education and literacy to offering excellent work experience, apprenticeship and graduate placements, Phillips 66 work hard to create mutual prosperity for the company and the community.

Phillips 66 approached us with a brief for this film and we worked hard to understand their philosophy as a company. We spent time at the Humber Refinery and in the surrounding community to get to know their employees so that we can translate their stories of hard work and dedication from spoken conversation into a meaningful story on screen.

After multiple days shooting in various locations we worked with Phillips 66 at our studio to piece together all the elements of the story into one clear, concise message. The film was premiered with great reception at The North Lincolnshire Business Awards in 2018 and went on to generate much positive discussion online. The film will be used extensively both internally and externally to raise awareness of Phillips 66’s values.

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