Project Description


Client: Pig Chicken & Cow

Taken from – “Pattern breeds predictability. Narrative reigns over repetition. Why settle for a scarf when you can wear a story instead.

Set out in 2016, in London, Pig, Chicken & Cow creates dreamscape shaped in ink on silk. Artworks of imaginative wonder that live many lives. With every drape and flow a new enchantment unfurls. From the finest hand-drawn lines, intricately woven visions are born.

Timeless in their beauty, exceptional in their vibrance. A lasting statement in fashion and art”

Lead designers Shan and Ying draw heavily from nature and its beauty. They wanted a film to truly capture their passion at work and show the craftsmanship behind every product that Pig Chicken & Cow produce. Shooting in London, Manchester and the Peak District, we wanted to contrast the raw beauty found in nature with the beauty found in the intricate processes that create the high quality fabrics used in their products.

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