Project Description


Client: Terry Clarke

Terry Clarke is an artist local to the Grimsby area with a degree in Fine Arts from the Grimsby Institute. Since graduating, Terry has developed a style of painting using an oil paint wash with charcoal, either on canvas or paper, which gives him the immediacy of expression that he likes.

Terry’s most well-known work features the iconic Haile and Bull Forts built in the first World War to protect the entrance to the Humber. The Haile Fort stands tantalizingly close to Cleethorpes, almost enticing people to walk out there. Terry’s paintings, perhaps reawaken forgotten memories within the viewer and bring the forts to life in an almost romantic sense.

Terry won an open exhibition at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in which we offered an artist profile film as a sponsorship prize. We regularly get commissioned on art projects but we also try to donate our time where possible to support artists and their promotion. As soon as we met Terry, we knew we had a great story to work with.

An interview with Terry served as the main focus for the film. We filmed this at his studio, along with footage of him working there. However, a lot of Terry’s work is done out in the elements around Grimsby and Cleethorpes, so we braved piercing wind and captured some striking footage of Terry painting on the beach at Humberston. The earthy elemental feel of the footage here really helped to tie together the narrative.

Terry now uses the film as a promotional tool to market his work to galleries and private customers.

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