Project Description


Client: The Comfy Duck Restaurant

The Comfy Duck are a restaurant that want to create a real sense of excitement every time a customer opens their doors. They source the very best fresh, seasonal produce locally and their passion is clear to see. The dishes are beautifully prepared and presented and this extends to their daytime menu. In particular, the theatrics of their afternoon tea set menus are stunning.

They regularly change the theme of their famed afternoon tea and each and every time we are pleasantly surprised. From the usual themes surrounding occasions such as Mother’s Day and Easter to themes of their own making such as seaside and storybook we have always had plenty of creative leeway to work with.

Working alongside their marketing lead Charlotte Hay we produced a series of mouth-watering promotional films to share on social media and get customers talking. Afternoon tea at The Comfy Duck is very much an experience and therefore it was essential that this translates to the promotional films we made. With all manner of set decoration and dry ice in our arsenal, we really went to town with these and judging by their success, we think we pulled it off!

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