Project Description


Client: 20:21 Visual Arts Centre

For Museums at Night 2013, the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe, UK won artists Cullinan Richards in the Connect10 competition public vote. The artists created an event, ‘The Ultimate Materiality of Women Part II’: a unique evening of temporary installations, classic 60s tunes, impromptu re-enactments, a specially constructed go-go bar, boxing and film lectures, taking place throughout the venue.

We were asked on board to produce two films. The first was a documentary film shot between London and Scunthorpe to show the artists at work, the event itself and finally, people’s reactions to it. The second film was something special. A flicker film, compiled using thousands of still shots appearing on screen in rapid succession to document the event.

We discussed the best way to capture how the exhibition felt on the night for visitors, and a Flicker Film just felt right. It would have the ability to tie together more conceptual ideas the artists have about figurative and abstract, provisional painting etc. We had a team focused on traditional video capture on the evening, whilst another team worked with the artists to capture over 9000 still images that would later become the Flicker Film.

In post-production for the Flicker Film, the artists worked with us to arrange the images into different folders based on their theme. Some of these were obvious, some more abstract. We then used ambient audio captured on the evening by our video team to create a rhythm that would serve as a base to layer the images over. We made small loops and built on this until we had a visceral, textural document of the evenings events.

The Flicker Film and the documentary film were both a huge success with the public. They were used in galleries and online extensively, causing much positive and interesting discussion. The films were also used by Connect10 and Culture24 to promote the event and as a tool to secure funding for future events.


“20-21 Visual Arts Centre has never hesitated in recommending KNOW Media’s work to others. The gallery has commissioned them several times to make artist profiles, document our Museums at Night ‘happenings’ and even to collaborate with leading artists to create new work. The quality of their videos and attention to detail speaks for itself. Pete and Luke are full of innovative ideas, they know how to tell a captivating story and always make their subjects feel at ease, resulting in great interviews and footage. The team at KNOW Media are never phased by a challenge, whether it be to digitally recreate an obscure, experimental mode of filmmaking from the 1960s or to capture the essence of an event. Even though they work internationally, they are passionate about the local area. Through their work they have clearly shown many of the great things North Lincolnshire has to offer ” – Michelle Lally –2021 Visual Arts Centre

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