Project Description


Client:  The Weird & Wonderful – Interiors for the Adventurer

The Weird & Wonderful is an Antiques & Natural History store specialising in a wide range of quality items from around the world. They focus on cultural education and sustainability and believe the sole purpose of collecting natural history or antiques should be to preserve the beauty of nature and historical times.

The owner, Norman Wright, is a young man who breaks pre-conceptions. People generally imagine a collector of taxidermy and other oddities and curios to be much older, however Norman is a young, fresh faced skateboarder who loves all things adventure. Norman got in touch enquiring about how video may be able to help raise awareness of his brand and as soon as we met him we knew he had a very unique place in the market.

Very early on, we knew that we wanted Norman to be the main focus of the film. His story was great and he had a lot to say about his passion. We knew this would immediately engage the audience and make for a very interesting watch. Normans store in Accrington is a beautiful extension of his ethos. With a really rustic theme and Norman’s keen eye for detail it represents the brand perfectly. We knew this wouldn’t work as a traditional corporate film so we wanted to create a mini documentary.

We captured all of the footage we needed in one day at Normans store. Starting with his interview, we then knew what cutaways we needed to fill the gaps in the story and we spent hours exploring every detail of his store to make sure we had what we needed. Post-production lasted two days and the result is a film that promotes the store indirectly. It is effective because the audience buy into Normans story, they love his passion, his ethos and what he stands for and this is far more important when building a loyal customer base than a traditional promo. The film was used on Normans website and across his social media platforms, particularly Instagram and received high levels of engagement.

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