Project Description


Client: They Say Fall

They Say Fall are a rock/post-hardcore band, based in Lincolnshire, England. Inspired by Jeff Lindsay’s book ‘Darkly Dreaming Dexter’, they wrote this dark, moody track.

We were very excited when we heard their ideas. They wanted to pay homage to the TV show ‘Dexter’ and even knew someone who looked quite like the lead actor. We knew the perfect venue and the script naturally progressed from there! We built and dressed the set and hired appropriate lighting to create the mood we wanted. We wanted the indoor ‘kill room’ to really contrast with warm, outdoor scenes. We knew this would reflect the unpredictable nature and varying tempo of the track and ultimately take the audience on a journey into Dexter’s world, even if only briefly.

Once launched, the video was a huge success (especially with Dexter fans!) and went on to accumulate thousands of views on Youtube and the bands’ social media channels ultimately earning them new followers.

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