Project Description


Client: Warren Elsmore

We were approached by Warren Elsmore and one of his agents regarding some promotional material for one of his exciting Lego exhibitions called ‘Brick History’. Well, as soon as we heard the word Lego we were very excited (misspent childhood!).

Brick History is a journey through pivotal moments in world history, modelled in LEGO® bricks by Warren Elsmore and his team of artists. Forget dry lists of kings or endless battles – this is history brought to life at a relatable, human level, featuring key figures from Mozart to Martin Luther King, scientific discoveries from the Big Bang to DNA, and recent history from mobile phones to the moon landings.

Warren wanted to capture the atmosphere felt when walking in and around his exhibition. He wanted to capture the intricate details of the artworks, but without being too claustrophobic. The perfect setting became available when Preston Park Museum hosted the exhibition and the rest, they say, is history (sorry! couldn’t resist). Being an old building with wood panelled walls, the hall at Preston Park Museum added to the earthy feel and really helped create a strong sense of place and feeling.

We filmed the project in 4K to allow for creative flexibility in post-production and swiftly edited the project, making sure to add just the right amount of movement between shots. We wanted the edit to flow seamlessly and reflect how it would feel walking around the exhibition start to finish. The video is now being utilised on Warren’s website, social media channels and at his exhibitions across the UK.


“Know Media were a delight to work with. After being introduced by another of their clients they have produced a number of promotional films of our exhibitions for us. As well as producing great film, we were also able to let them professionally co-ordinate with the venues to arrange access and dates. Being based in Edinburgh it was critical that we could find a firm we could trust to do this on our behalf – and Know Media are that firm!” – Warren Elsmore

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