Project Description


Client: Years Young

“Years Young’s debut boasts anthems and ambition by the ton!” – Kerrang! Magazine

Years Young are a 4-piece Alternative Rock Band from Lincolnshire. The band formed in 2015, taking influences from bands such as Biffy Clyro, Mallory Knox and Don Broco. They have a fairly large and loyal following both nationally and internationally.

They approached us wanting a video for the launch track of their new album ‘Hiraeth’. We wanted the launch video to be visually impactful with emphasis on the band playing. After discussing ideas at our studio, we decided to go for an earthy, outdoor feel and shoot out in the elements. We commenced with pre-production and found an ideal plot of land that would allow us to create a huge bonfire and get the impact we wanted.

We shot at night, using the bonfire to backlight the band and get moody silhouettes whilst using petrol generator powered lights as keylights when needed. This proved to be difficult shoot, as we had no natural light at all, no access to mains power and had to ensure the fire remained a consistent size between takes (no easy feat!). Nevertheless, we successfully shot what we needed and wrapped confident in the knowledge we had captured some really striking visuals.

Using the script, we sat down with the band in our edit suite and pieced together the video scene by scene, reworking it until we had what we needed. The result is a video which ties many different influences together and is a visual manifestation the lyrics of the song, both literally and metaphorically. The video went on to have success on Youtube and social media, elevating the track to reach new and exciting audiences.

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